Senior’s Focus

Legislation & Issues

You can exercise your right to be informed and provide your input to SD45 to current elected officials and candidates for office. Some Issues:

Elder Abuse – Neglect and or abuse in assisted living and nursing homes. You can learn more about the grassroots Governor’s Task Force here.

Medicare – Important Notice: Medicare will be sending out new Medicare cards which have your social security number deleted and a new member specific number for billing purposes. Please provide this new card and number to a trusted health care provider once you receive this card (coming out to Minnesota residents sometime in June.) DO NOT provide this number or your social security to anyone contacting you by phone or email. Those contacts may be spammers and trying to steal your information. Medicare will never contact you (except in very rare and special situations and let you know beforehand by mail.) Be sure that Medicare has your current address.

Special transportation for elderly and/or handicapped – There is a need for a select group of folks who need specialized transportation around the state where it is not available.

Broadband high-speed Internet – Minnesota does not have state-wide access to what has become an essential service. Health and safety issues can be compromised without this service. It also hampers the development of business, family farms, and schools.

Lifelong learning for all ages – Seniors could use these services to keep their skill upgraded and continue to be active and involved throughout their lives.

Minnesota Legislature Activity: Keep up with these important issues!

At an April SD45 Town Hall Meeting, many issues and current legislation were discussed. It was recommended that an effective way to be heard is to contact legislative committees and chairs. But who are these leaders? What bills are being considered? How do you contact them? Minnesota State Legislature has a website to answer these questions:

On the left-hand side of this homepage are the main categories. Choose either House (green) or Senate (blue). Click on one and a list of all the committees, their leaders, and committee members will appear. Next, find the bills by number or topic. Back on the home page in the center column under “Statues, Laws & Rules” either enter the number of the bill or if you don’t know, select “Search Statutes by keywords or phrases.” You are on your way now—play around, explore and search! There are actually many possibilities for additional information and even videos to view.