Update: Contactless Caucus

Participate in this year’s caucus by submitting a Non-Attendee Form

SD45 DFL has made the decision to do contactless caucuses this year due to the recent surge of COVID-19. To participate you will need to submit a Non-Attendee Form and any Resolutions. You can submit them via email, postal mail, or drop it off on caucus night. They are due Tuesday, February 1, 2022, email or mail to:

Frank Neubecker
3457 Lee Ave N
Crystal MN 55422

Drop it off on caucus night at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, 8230 47th Ave N, New Hope MN on February 1, 2022 from 6:30 – 9:00 PM. We will have forms available to fill out on site as well.

You must participate in order to become a delegate for the SD DFL convention and the Hennepin County convention. Make sure to check the delegate boxes on the form and if there are contested positions they will be chosen by lot during a virtual meeting that will take place the week of February 7th. All submitted resolutions will be sent to the SD45 Convention for delegates to vote on.

We also need people to run for the new Senate district executive committee at the SD45 DFL Convention. It is vital for everyone to stay engaged and help build a strong local unit into the next decade. 

We will be posting updates and a possible online form to submit your information.