Tuesday, November 2, 2021 Election

Vote by mail or in person beginning September 17

In Senate District 45 (SD 45), residents in Golden Valley will be voting for City Council and a subset of Golden Valley residents who are also in Hopkins School District will be voting for School Board.

There are no elections scheduled for residents of Robbinsdale, Crystal, New Hope, or the portion of Plymouth within SD 45.

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SD 45 has made resolutions of support for the following candidates:

Candidates seeking a resolution of support may contact the ROSE Committee for an interview. Email Lindsay Thompson at

Make Plans for 2022!

Tuesday, February 1st at 7:00 PM, Precinct Caucuses

Robbinsdale Cooper High School, 8230 47th Ave N, New Hope MN 55428

Everyone who meets the following requirements are encouraged to partake in the SD 45 caucus:

  1. Lives within the bounds of SD 45 (Robbinsdale, Crystal, New Hope, a portion of Golden Valley, and a portion of Plymouth), confirm your senate district here: Polling Place Finder (voting location listed here does not apply to caucuses)
    • image of Polling Place Finder results. Under Districts for this address, you want it to read MN Senate: 45.
  2. Considers themselves a member of the DFL Party and agrees with its principles as stated in the Preamble of the State DFL Constitution and Bylaws (View Party Documents here)
  3. Are not an active member of any other political party
  4. Is at least 18 years old and eligible to vote by November 8, 2022 to be eligible to vote or run for any position elected at the caucus -or- 16 years old by November 8, 2022 to be eligible to participate in all other caucus business

Learn about the Caucus and Convention Process HERE!

2022 is an important year for elections. At the February 1st Precinct Caucuses, we will conduct precinct level meetings of the DFL where we each:
  • Vote on your preference for Governor
  • Elect your Precinct Chair and Vice Chair (this can be you!)
  • Elect your local delegates and alternates to the Senate District Convention (this can be you!)
  • Vote on any resolutions that are brought forward to be considered for modification of the DFL Platform. Submit a resolution by filling out this resolution form (not necessary to be on this form to be considered).


The headlining race of 2022 will be the race for Governor. At caucuses, we begin the process of endorsing the DFL candidate who will run in the Primary Election. You may submit your vote as uncommitted. The DFL Endorsement is a desired status for a candidate wishing to win the Primary Election to then go on to the General Election.

Precinct Chair and Vice Chair

The Precinct Chair serves as the representative of your precinct and is a voting member of the Senate District Central Committee. In the event the Chair is unable to attend a monthly meeting of the Senate District Central Committee, the Vice Chair serves as the voting member. The Precinct Chair and Vice Chair are elected from the floor of the Precinct Caucus, no prior campaigning or notification is necessary to run for these positions.

Senate District Convention

Depending on attendance to the Precinct Caucus, usually anyone who is interested in being a delegate to the Senate District Convention, gets to be a delegate or alternate to the Senate District Convention. We encourage you to become a delegate, it is a great opportunity to learn more about the DFL’s grassroots organizing and build stronger relationships with leaders in the DFL. If you are unable to attend your Precinct Caucus and wish to attend the State District Convention as a delegate, you may submit an absentee (non-attendee) form [link to come for this form].

Our precinct delegates to the Senate District Convention will attend the convention [delegates will be notified of the time and place] and will:

  • Elect delegates and alternates to the State Convention
  • Elect delegates and alternates to the Congressional District Convention
  • Vote on resolutions from the precinct caucuses to go to the State Convention
  • Elect the officers of your Senate District*
  • Vote for State Central Committee members and alternates*
  • Adopt the Senate District Constitution*
  • Endorse candidates for the State House in the district election*

*must occur after redistricting, which will likely have some effect on the Senate District boundaries and will determine the convention you will attend. In the event the 2022 Legislative redistricting plan becomes final after March 7, 2022, two Senate District Conventions will be held, one for the old district to hold business related to the State Convention, and one for the new district to conduct the rest of the business items.


As a grassroots organization, the DFL Ongoing Platform can be guided by you! If there is an issue you are passionate about and would like to have it added to the DFL Party Platform or Action Agenda, you can submit a resolution for consideration at your precinct caucus. Your precinct will vote on the resolution. If passed, they then get voted on at the Senate District Convention. A certain number of these can then be summitted to the State Convention based on votes. At the State Convention, these are again voted on.